The Nova Scotia Real Estate Commission is responsible for setting standards of practice for the real estate industry. This role serves both the industry and the public: to create consumer confidence and trust in the industry it is essential to limit unethical, incompetent, and illegal practices.


When resolution between both parties is not possible, consumers may file a written complaint with the Commission. When a complaint is received, the Registrar will examine it to and determine whether the conduct of a licensee appears to:

  • be in breach of the Real Estate Trading Act, its Regulations or the Commission Bylaw
  • be contrary to the standards of practice expected of a licensee
  • demonstrate incompetence, recklessness or intent
  • put consumers or other Industry Members at risk
  • undermine public confidence in the industry, harm the integrity of the industry or bring the industry into disrepute

Unless the complaint clearly falls into the jurisdictional criteria above, all complaints between members of the Nova Scotia Association of REALTOR®s (NSAR) should be directed to the NSAR

The Commission does not accept anonymous complaints, nor can the Commission award damages.

The Nova Scotia Real Estate
is the regulator of the
Nova Scotia real estate industry.

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