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Brochures & Guides


Advertising Guidelines

How do you advertise as a team or with non-licensees? How should incentives be used? This document outlines basic advertising rules that all industry members should know.

Nova Scotia Real Estate Advertising Guidelines

Agency Relationship Reference Cards

Reference cards are great tools illustrating the roles and responsibilities of industry members in each type of agency.

Common Law Agency Quick Reference Card
Designated Agency Quick Reference Card
Common Law "Agency Relationships" section of the APS
Designated "Agency Relationships" section of the APS


About the Commission

Who forms the Commission? What is our role to licensees and the public? Download our informative brochure for those answers and more.

Ensuring Consumer Confidence in Real Estate

Complaints & Investigation

It is not surprising that disputes occasionally arise between licensees and consumers. When these situations arise, it is important to first attempt to resolve the issue with the licensee and, if that fails, with the broker. When all else fails, consumers may file written complaints with the Compliance team use the prescribed form. Note that the Commission cannot award damages to consumers. For in-depth information on our complaint, investigation and discipline process, download our brochure.

Complaint, Investigation and Discipline Process Brochure

KITEC Plumbing

What do you need to know if you uncover KITEC in your home or a home you’re considering offering on? Read our informative piece on KITEC plumbing.

Radon Gas Awareness

What do you need to know about radon gas in your home or a home you’re considering offering on? Read our radon information sheets for buyers and for sellers

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