Commission Committees

Approved Committee Appointments June 2023 - June 2024

By-law Task Force
Linda Smardon, Chairperson
Aaron Schwartz
Anne Da Silva
Gary Morse

Commercial Committee
Greg Taylor, Chairperson
Tom Carpenter
Carlisle Norwood
Aaron Ferguson
Erin Crosby
Carly Gravel

Complaints Review Committee
Kim Fox, Chairperson
Logan Morse
Linda Smardon
David Melvin
Jatender Sachdev
Lydia MacIsaac
Matthew Gough

Discipline Committee
Gary Mailman, Chairperson
Kenneth Young
Peter Fraser
Jeff Kidson
Marilisa Benigno
David Woo
Kristin Pike

Education Committee
David Woo, Chairperson
David Langstroth
Krista Rose
Tanya Ozard
Marg Bowlen
Laura Graham

Executive Committee
Aaron Millen, Chairperson
Logan Morse, Vice Chairperson
David Woo
Greg Taylor

Finance Committee
Logan Morse, Chairperson
Aaron Millen
David Woo
Greg Taylor

Forms Committee
Anne Da Silva, Chairperson
Ryan Hartlen
Lisa White
Joanne Bouley
Danielle MacLean
Public Member (TBA)

Liaison Committee
Aaron Millen, Co-Chair
Logan Morse
David Woo
Greg Taylor

Licensing Committee
Tunde Awoyiga, Chairperson
Kurt Swinimer
Peter Fraser
Lorena MacDonald
Briana O’Grady
Lyanne Cantin


Commercial Committee

In 2011, the Nova Scotia Real Estate Trading Act was amended in part to create the Commercial Committee, whose role is to address matters of interest to commercial real estate licensees, such as the organisation of educational events for commercial licensees. The committee is chaired by the elected commercial representative on the Board of Directors.

Complaints Review Committee

The Complaints Review Committee (CRC) is made up of licensees and members of the public from across the province. The committee’s role is to review all of the Registrar’s complaint decisions where they may accept, reject or make recommendations to amend the decisions.

The CRC also hears complainant’s requests for review of the Registrar’s decision to dismiss a complaint and make recommendations to the Commission Board of Directors on conduct, trade practices and standards of business practice.

Discipline Committee

When required, members of the Discipline Committee form a Hearing Panel to hold formal discipline hearings involving licensees. The panel hears the evidence and renders a decision, which may include:

  1. there is insufficient evidence to substantiate the allegations;
  2. the allegations that are substantiated constitute unprofessional conduct;
  3. the allegations that are substantiated constitute a violation of the Real Estate Trading Act, the Commission Bylaw or Commission policies; or
  4. the allegations that are substantiated constitute both unprofessional conduct and a violation of the Real Estate Trading Act, the Commission Bylaw or Commission policies.

Where the Hearing Panel has determined a violation, it can:

  1. terminate a licence permanently;
  2. suspend a licence for a specified period;
  3. suspend a licence pending the satisfaction and completion of any conditions specified by the Panel;
  4. permit the licensee to remain licensed, but only under conditions specified by the Panel, which may include, but are not limited to:
    1. successfully completing specified classes or courses
    2. obtaining treatment, counselling, or both;
  5. order the licensee pay a fine;
  6. send a letter of reprimand to the licensee; or
  7. make a recommendation to the Commission that an amount be paid from the Recovery Fund in accordance with the Bylaw, to a person(s) to compensate them for financial loss or damage suffered as a result of fraud or breach of trust.

In addition to these penalties, the Panel can make any other order it considers just and in the public interest, as per Act Section 19(2).

The Discipline Committee is unique in that the decision it renders is final and can only be appealed through the Nova Scotia Court of Appeals.

Commission by-law 839 provides the authority to the Commission to publish the names of licensees and a situational summary depending on the nature of the sanction imposed.

View recent disciplinary decisions
View discipline committee hearing procedures

Education Committee

The role of the Education Committee is to identify issues and opportunities relating to the development and delivery of real estate licensing, continuing professional education, and then make recommendations to the Commission Board of Directors.

Forms Committee

The Commission's Bylaw mandates the use of certain real estate contracts and acknowledgements by licensees in their work with real estate consumers. The role of the Forms Committee is to make recommendations for amendments of existing Commission-mandated forms to the Board of Directors or the creation of new forms. 

Licensing Committee

The Commission is mandated by the Real Estate Trading Act to set licensing standards for Nova Scotia real estate industry. The role of the Licensing Committee is to review the Registrar's licensing decisions upon request and make additional decisions on any appeals or requests for exemptions.

The Committee also makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on licensing issues and continuing education requirements.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

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Annual Reports

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